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The Aspects

Conjunction - Planets that are 0 degrees apart. It represents a powerful union of energies of the planets associated. It can be easy or stressful, depending on the planets involved and the aspects they make to other planets. Key words: intensity, concentration, focus and new activity.

Trine - Planets are 120 degrees apart. This is positive and indicates a harmonious avenue of expression in the personís life, where success may come with little effort. It shows natural talents and a general harmonious flow of the energies.

Sextile - Planets are 60 degrees apart. This is positive and tends to foster cooperation and opportunities. It is similar to the trine, although not as powerful.

Semi-Sextile - Planets are 30 degrees apart. This is a harmonious aspect, similar to a sextile but not as powerful.

Square - Planets are 90 degrees apart. There is creative tension. This is potentially the most discordant and destructive aspect. It can indicate challenges, conflicts, obstacles, stress and the energy needed to overcome the same.

Opposition - Planets are 180 degrees apart. Key words for an opposition are awareness, balance, cooperation or conflict. If the person can integrate the planets in opposition harmoniously, the aspect acts like a conjunction. If not, the person experiences conflicts and the negative characteristics of the planets and signs they occupy. Oppositions often relate to conflicts in relationships.

Semi-Square - Planets are 45 degrees apart. Indicates stress, frustration and creative tension, similar to a square, but not as powerful.

Quincunx - Planets are 150 degrees apart. It is a mixed influence, which can be a combination of harmony and stress. It shows duties and obligations. It can also be an indicator of health issues. Sometimes it shows adjustments and difficulties expressing oneself in the areas indicated by the planets and signs.

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