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Astrology Consultations

Consultations by phone: I offer consultations by phone right now. I can also record the information and send it to you via Dropbox. I record the phone or in-person consultation if you like and then will send you a Dropbox link with the recording. It will contain a password to keep it confidential unless you prefer not to have it password protected.

It is not really necessary to choose a particular type of consultation if you are calling with specific questions in mind. I draw from all my experience and different techniques when I talk to people. But if you want me to focus on something specific, you may choose from the following consultations: natal analysis, natal Chiron reading, transit forecast, horary, relationship/compatibility analysis, relocation information, choosing dates for special events, your child's astrology or any special request you may have.

I have been trained in both tropical western and sidereal Vedic astrology. I use both systems in my readings as well as Traditional Hellenistic techniques, but can also focus primarily on one system or the other if you prefer. I especially recommend doing a natal Vedic reading as it provides fascinating insight that is not found in the tropical system.

Note: I can also do consultation through WhatsAp for those of you in other countries. My WhatsAp phone number is the same as my regular number which is 1-406-570-2630.

Rate: $250 per hour

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Natal Analysis: This consultation will give you an in-depth analysis of your natal chart, your strengths and weaknesses and insights into understanding yourself. The natal chart is like a map or blueprint of your soul. It shows the underlying patterns and characteristics of who you are in the highest and most positive sense. It also reveals the underlying patterns and temptations that can detract you from your higher nature and true purpose. In this consultation, we will cover the different signs and aspects of your chart in an in-depth and comprehensive manner. I also include information about Chiron. Every astrology reading is different. I try to tailor the consultation based on your particular needs and beliefs and what will be most beneficial to you.

Transit Forecast: A transit reading gives you insight into the current and upcoming influences in your life for the next 6 to 12 months. This is done by comparing where the planets are in the heavens today to your natal chart. I also include secondary and solar arc progressions when interpreting your chart to provide additional information about the important matters that are affecting your life today and in the future.

Forecasting with astrology is similar to forecasting the weather. There is no astrologer on the planet who can tell you exactly what is going to happen to you with 100% accuracy. There are too many factors, including free will, to know anything for absolute certainty. However, like predicting the weather, astrology can give you an idea of the climate of the chart and the factors that you are dealing with in your life. Having a clearer understanding of these potentials can help you avoid the pitfalls and give you insight as to how to capitalize on the positive potentials of your life.

Horary: In Latin horary means "of or relating to the hours". Horary is an ancient practice and is based on a person calling the astrologer at the moment of intense desire to know the answer to a question. For the horary to be effective, the person must be in a place where wanting to know the answer to that question is foremost on his/her mind.

Horary is one of the most amazing forms of astrology I have ever practiced. I have to admit I was skeptical when I first heard about it. But after spending years studying the incredible science behind it and also practicing it on a regular basis, I have been blown away by its accuracy.

As many of you may know, when you ask a question of an astrologer, if the astrologer looks just at transits, it is hard to give a definitive answer. Because of free will, there are usually multiple options and it is difficult to know the answer.

However, when you have an accurate horary chart, questions can be answered with uncanny accuracy. I encourage you to give it a try!

Relationship Analysis: A relationship reading gives you information into the strengths and weaknesses of any relationship, whether it be romantic, friendship, business, parent-child, etc. Like the natal chart, a composite chart of 2 or more people can give you insight into the purpose of your relationship and challenges to work on.

Child Consultation This is basically a consultation based on your child's natal and/or and forecast charts. It will help give you insight as to what your children are going through and some of the basic patterns and tendencies they will be dealing with in this life.

Pet Consulting Pet astrology has been around for a long time but more recently I have had the opportunity to talk with people about their pets and I am amazed at how accurate their astrology is! Since they can't communicate with words, astrology can help you to understand what your pet is going through. We can talk about their basic personality traits (natal chart) and/or about what things they are going through in the current day (transits). It can bring amazing insight! If your pet is having a hard time astrology can help you understand why. I say try it. You'll be a believer! (I do need the animal's birthday in order to do the work.)

Electional Charts: I can help you choose the right time for a special event such as a wedding, important purchase, starting a business or other important events in your life.

Location Astrology: Astrocartography is the study of astrological influences from your astrology chart mapped onto physical locations. This technique allows you to see what astrological influences you will find in any specified location.

Contact me at 406-570-2630 or email me at for more information or an appointment.

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