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Chart Details:
Sample Chart - Natal Chart
Aug 21 1999  2:02 PM  MST +7:00
Albuquerque NM  35N05 106W39
True Node


This report explores the potential energies available for you 
in a particular location in the world. The report has evolved 
from a technique called astro-mapping, which overlays your 
chart on a map of the world using various methods. This 
overlay means that certain planets will be stronger in 
particular geographical areas. Through interpreting these 
planetary energies you can have an astrological map which 
tells you the best place to apply for promotions, to go on 
holidays, to meet lovers, and to live a more fulfilled life 
in the areas that are important to you.

Maximum Orb Used: 1000'

Jupiter - Set Line (Orb 027': Strong Influence)
Relationships benefit along this line, expanding and growing 
and adding to your sense of well-being. 
Your primary relationship will become a source of satisfaction, 
assisting you to achieve your goals 
in life. You will also attract the help of other influential 
people, even a particular teacher or benefactor 
who will play an important role in your life. If you want a 
little help from your friends, this is the line to 
follow. If you are not already in a committed relationship, 
then you may find here that you benefit 
from a choice of partners.

Neptune - Anticulminate Line (Orb 253': Strong Influence)
A sense of confusion may surround your family or home affairs 
along this line. It may be that real estate 
contracts are not all that they are made out to be, or that 
you are searching for the ideal home that does 
not exist. Family relationships may be vulnerable to deception. 
Subtle undertones may plague these
relationships. It is vital that you seek a more spiritual 
outlook in these areas. Meditation or inner 
reflection will prove beneficial. On a more positive note, 
this line could denote a discovery of your 
spiritual home, or lend itself to creative or artistic 
pursuits within your home environment.

Mercury - Culminate Line (Orb 718': Weak Influence)
This is the ideal line for business communications. If you 
are looking for work, or wanting to sign 
contracts, to teach, study or simply interact down with 
business contacts, this is the line to follow. 
You will find information of all kinds at your fingertips 
to help you in your professional life. 
Networking will play a key role in your success. Mental 
stimulation is also the name of the game. 
In fact you will be so busy you will have difficulty 
taking time out to slow down.

North Node - Culminate Line (Orb 759': Weak Influence)
A sense of destiny will be strong on this line. You may discover 
hints of your life purpose, or it may 
simply be that you encounter individuals or groups of people who 
help you on your professional path. 
You may reap the rewards of past lives when on this line, which 
in turn help you on your path in this life. 
You may be required to let go of people or things from the past 
in order to get on with your life.

Uranus - Anticulminate Line (Orb 934': Weak Influence)
Home and family affairs will be disrupted along this line. You 
will feel unsettled and not inclined to put down roots. It is 
an ideal line if you are planning a lifestyle that involves a 
detachment from the responsibilities of a home and family. If 
this is the case, you will benefit from a feeling of personal 
freedom that will spark inner realizations. However, if you 
are searching for a stable home environment, then avoid this 
line. Otherwise you will encounter difficulties with sudden 
and strange happenings, or simply with electrical problems 
in the home. It is also likely that, while you are on this 
line, your own family will view you as the odd one out. Again 
this is beneficial if you delight in your own individuality. 
But it will cause problems if you are seeking a more traditional 

Maximum Orb Used: 1000'

Azimuth from original location: 09259'

Mercury - Local Space Line - Azimuth 10224' 
(Conjunct - Orb 925': Weak Influence)
Your Mercury line will literally help you improve your 
communication with other people. You may even find that you 
easily get involved with communication networks, study groups, 
computer work, transportation and the information highway. Ideas 
will flow easily in places along this line, so it is ideal for 
a writing or study project. As long as you keep your mind busy, 
you will be fine. Some of the drawbacks to this line may be 
restlessness and/or scattered energies.

Neptune - Local Space Line - Azimuth 27328' 
(Opposite - Orb 029': Strong Influence)
This line can bring either a renewed sense of wonder at the 
spiritual and artistic truths of this world and beyond, or a 
sense of 
disillusionment and loss. The answer may be in why you are 
thinking of moving along this line. If it is to join a spiritual 
community or follow a guru, it may be a wise choice. But first 
make sure that you are not deluded. If you are thinking of moving 
because you are generally confused and dissatisfied with life, 
then maybe a different line would be a better path.

Maximum Orb Used: 200'

There are no paran lines within orb.

* * *

Original Text (C)1995, Esoteric Technologies Pty Ltd The text 
in Solar Maps has been written by Australian astrologer Stephanie 
Johnson. Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) and was 
a journalist in Australia, England and the U.S.A. for 15 years 
before becoming a professional astrologer. She is currently a 
consulting astrologer and Company Director of Esoteric Technologies 
Pty Ltd in Adelaide, Australia. She holds the FAA Practitioners 
qualification and was a former editor of the Journal of the 
Federation of Australian Astrologers. The editor for the U.S.A. 
version is Bill Sweeney.

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