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                  Child Astrological Report for

                         Prince William
                          June 21, 1982
                             9:08 PM
                         London, England

                      *** Introduction ***

     This Astrological Child Report has been designed as a guide
for Prince's parents, with a special commitment: to help with
Prince's growth and cultural upbringing, to emphasize and
strengthen his assets, and to alert the parents to mistakes or
possible problems that Prince could face in his life.

     Chapter 1 describes Prince the way he really is (position
of the Sun), and the way his personality is expressed (Ascendant
sign). Chapters 2 and 3 describe the influences linked to his
mother and father respectively, which DOES NOT mean a
description of their personalities, but the way Prince sees
them, experiences them, and which characteristics he takes from
each one. In the astrological chart of a brother or sister, the
description of parents could be different due to the
individual's perspective. Chapter 4 completes the sequence of
the description of Prince's temperament, focusing his mind, his
attitude toward education, and his intellectual capacity.

     Chapter 5 describes Prince's destiny, his vocation, his
profession, and the probability of success in the material
world. In order to get an appropriate view of Prince's
vocational possibilities, it will be necessary to combine what
is in this chapter plus what is in Chapter 1 andany other
relevant information in the report.

     Chapter 6 analyzes the conditions of Prince's health; some
tendencies or possibilities to physical diseases are mentioned,
which DOES NOT mean that Prince is going to suffer from them,
one by one.  It does mean that those are his weak points and he
is inclined to those possibilities. As a complement, some
recommendations for Prince to have better nutrition are

     Finally, Chapter 7 describes the astrological influence of
the outer planets which affect all the children who were born in
the same period of years, producing common ideas and behaviors
and subsequent generational characteristics.

     It is probable that you may find some contradictions in the
report; this is because some planets may be beneficial in a
certain area of life while other planets may be less helpful or
even harmful. This means that Prince may have both positive and
negative experiences in the same area. You need to draw on your
intuition and common sense to come to your own conclusions. But
remember that every child, no matter the sign he/she was born
in, needs LOVE in order to grow up in the right way.

                    *** Astrological Data ***

For the benefit of students of astrology, the positions of the
planets at the time of birth and other technical information is
given below:
Sun        0 Can 07              Neptune   25 Sag 33
Moon       5 Can 01              Pluto     24 Lib 10
Mercury    8 Gem 58              Asc.      28 Sag 38
Venus     25 Tau 40              MC         3 Sco 46
Mars       9 Lib 12              2nd cusp  14 Aqu 31
Jupiter    0 Sco 29              3rd cusp   2 Ari 02
Saturn    15 Lib 30              5th cusp  25 Tau 17
Uranus     1 Sag 30              6th cusp  12 Gem 20

Tropical  Placidus   Summer Saving Time observed
GMT: 20:08:00   Time Zone: 0 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth place: 51 N 30    0 W 10   

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction  :  7 Deg 00 Min
Opposition   :  6 Deg 00 Min
Square       :  6 Deg 00 Min
Trine        :  6 Deg 00 Min
Sextile      :  4 Deg 00 Min

                        *** Chapter 1 ***
     General description of the child: essential nature and
            personality. Physical body and childhood.

Sun in Cancer:

     The Cancer child is very sensitive and moody. He can laugh
and cry many times during the same day. Prince is very
perceptive and is fascinated by the world around him, always
trying to discover new things. He is attracted to all the
colorful images he sees and these images will stay in his mind
forever. This child is delicate, gets scared pretty easily, and
will probably need a light on at night. His emotional world is
vast and he has a great need to give and receive love. At a
young age he takes on the role of protector and he usually has
pets. He loves to feed them and takes care of them with great
dedication and delicacy. Children of Cancer are very good
doctors and nurses.

     The main influence for Prince is the home, and he has a
special relationship with his mother. He may depend on his
parents and brothers or sisters longer than other children
might. He can be very shy and sometimes he does not like to be
around people. You do not have to force him or compel him to do
something. He has a delicate sensitivity and will always
remember any bad treatment he has received, which could cause
problems or traumas in the future. He is very aware of what is
going on around him, so it is very important not to quarrel when
he is there, or he could feel guilty about it. Though he is
docile, quiet and tender emotionally, it is not easy for him to
follow other peoples' rules. He is very individualistic and
independent in his way of thinking. Prince usually gets what he
wants and sometimes he is a sort of spoiled child. But if he
does not receive the love and tenderness he needs, he could
become a rude and lonely person.

     He has a bright imagination and it is very probable that he
will meet friends of the same kind to play with. He also shows
some tendencies towards the arts and creativity in general,
especially music. Teachers might complain about his stubbornness
or that he is a day-dreamer. Usually when Cancer children get
hurt, they keep quiet instead of letting everybody know what

     Prince gathers strength from nature. He would be very happy
sowing seeds and watching them grow. He is usually in a good
mood and communicates his joy to others. You do not have to
worry about his bad moods; they will disappear quickly. He keeps
all the things he loves. Even as a grown-up he will still have
his toys. This is true also with the things of his heart,
including his family, his friends, the neighborhood, the city,
etc. He loves to collect things and he is very fond of history.
No matter where he lives, he will always keep his memories very
fresh. That is why his parents should keep his things, his
books, even his own room the same after he leaves home. Only
when he feels emotionally complete will he show his authority
naturally and become a leader. Girls of Cancer could have a
stronger personality than boys of Cancer, and they will be the
leaders in their homes. Because a Cancer child develops a deep
love for his family, he will always be willing to assist them.
All the love he receives from his parents will work as an
investment, as he will give it back to them in larger amounts.

Sagittarius Rising Sign:

     Prince has a big smile and his whole body expresses the
happiness he feels. His face tends to be round and his body
strong and solid. The main characteristics will be his joy and
his love for adventure. This will not disappear as he matures,
and that is why he will be childlike forever. As Prince grows,
his curiosity will increase and he will ask about everything he
sees. He will also be sincere and frank with his opinions.
Sometimes Prince can be a bit naive and easily influenced; he
may depend on his friends to accomplish his initiatives. He can
show a very deep spiritual inclination from early years, and
this may develop into a strong philosophical mind. He will be an
idealistic person, who loves justice and who enjoys sharing and
helping people, but he is easily deluded and people may
sometimes disappoint him, though this will not change him.
Prince has a deep love of freedom and needs his own space to
move, play, explore and even to snoop. He will enjoy life out
under the sun, traveling on vacations to different places and
will have an ability to communicate easily with others, and also
to learn different languages. In spite of his great energy and
vitality, Prince can feel lazy and bored sometimes and this can
radically alter his outgoing character. No matter where his Sun
is, (as shown above), this Ascendant will make him a happy
person, with a great sense of fun and a great love of life.

     His childhood is ruled by Jupiter, and this planet promises
a happy childhood. Usually, this child receives the things he
needs to feel secure, though he can be overprotected and
spoiled. Parents must teach him good eating habits and the
importance of saving money, because he can be a bit of a
spendthrift and very unorganized if he is under the impression
that he will be provided for; as an adult he will feel the
consequences of these misconceptions. If Prince does not learn
how to be self-controlled and careful, he will be irresponsible
and will always be looking for help and protection from his
parents. He can have a similar attitude regarding matters of the
heart. His strong penchant for adventure and conquest will drive
him to have countless relationships. Prince's worst enemy will
be boredom, and because he can get tired of routine, he could
get tired of marriage, if it were monotonous. Due to his
ingenuousness and spontaneity, he can have many stories to tell;
funny experiences happen to him because he has a tendency to do
things at the wrong time in the wrong place. There is no doubt
that Prince will be a child who will give great happiness to the

                        *** Chapter 2 ***
      Maternal figure: emotions, feelings, capacity to love
                           and share.

Moon in Cancer:

     His emotions will be intense and he will always love
staying in touch with his family. He will enjoy playing the role
of a parent and playing dress-up in grown-up clothes. As an
adult, Prince will be very sensitive to the needs of others and
will develop strong protective instincts. His feelings will be
more powerful than logical reasoning, and he may be very
attached to things with sentimental value. He will be very
sensitive to the emotions of the people around him and will
sometimes even change his mood in response to them.

     His mother will be very important because Prince needs a
lot of love and tenderness from her to feel secure. To the
extent that Prince feels protected and cared for while growing
up, in adulthood he will worry about his family and take care of
his parents and siblings. There will be a psychic bond between
mother and son, which will give them the ability to know about
each other, no matter how far apart they are. It is very
important to respect his sensitivity and avoid exposing him to
conflict and violence, because these will be imprinted in his
subconscious and may generate future fears. To refresh his
emotions and lighten the negative burdens, contact with nature
will be the best help for him, especially places with water.

Moon in 7th house:

     Prince will have deep feelings for his friends and he will
derive emotional stability from close ties with them. Though he
will have very good marriage opportunities, he will be very
cautious about entering into matrimony. It is possible that he
will mature later than others of his age. Prince will choose a
sensitive mate who can understand his own hidden feelings and
offer security and emotional support. This astrological position
can make him very well known in society.

Moon Square Mars:

     Prince will get angry very easily and will express himself
very forcefully. He may argue everyday with family members with
whom he has differences. If there is no harmony at home, his
mood will be affected.  Many times Prince will react quickly and
impulsively, without thinking. He can be very temperamental, and
he must learn how to control this tendency and improve himself.

Moon Trine Jupiter:

     Prince will be very popular and everybody will love him
because he is so outgoing, spontaneous, and helpful. Even when
times of trouble come, Prince will always smile and make light
of his own problems. Prince will be very honest and will develop
a great feeling for and interest in religion. The relationship
between Prince and his mother will be very positive and Prince
will learn to be sincere and generous with others.

Venus in Taurus:

     Prince's love will be stable and long lasting. He will be
tender and loving, and will be very attached to the people he
loves, even when he has quarrels or misunderstandings. Prince
will develop a strong possessiveness, not only toward things,
but also in his personal relationships. He will tend to enjoy
the good life and pleasures in general, and his attraction to
food and sweets can cause weight problems. His charisma will
draw admirers who want to please him, and, as a consequence, he
can become lazy. Prince must learn to get the things he wants
through his own efforts.

Venus in 5th house:

     Prince will be very attractive to the opposite sex and may
have innumerable romances. He will have charisma and will love
children, especially his own. Prince will be very affectionate,
sociable, and sympathetic, but also very idealistic in choosing
his intimates, which may leave him vulnerable to disappointment.
He can excel in sports and in creative pursuits.

Venus Opposition Uranus:

     As a child, Prince can experience tense and irregular
situations which can affect his romantic choices in the future.
He can be impulsive and changeable. Love can come unexpectedly
and can leave the same way. Prince will make very unusual
choices, which his family will have difficulty understanding. He
will be independent and will rebel against any binding ties,
which indicates that he may have problems with long term
relationships. Prince must learn to be patient, to accept people
the way they are, and to control his impulses. He can be
eccentric and have unusual likings; of course he will not follow
the traditions of the family. Prince can also be very nervous
and quick to anger; Prince will never feel comfortable with big
demonstrations of love.

Jupiter in Scorpio:

     Prince will love mysteries and stories of suspense. He will
be an eternal researcher, always questioning and seeking
knowledge. He will also show a big interest in the supernatural;
as an adult Prince may have inclinations toward the spiritual
and mystical. He will have confidence in himself and will be
very persistent in working for the things he wants.

Jupiter in 9th house:

     Prince will be interested in philosophical and religious
subjects. He will love learning about different countries,
cultures, languages and will definitely travel a lot. Prince
will find happiness and fulfillment in a country other than
where he was born; if Prince does not actually live in another
country, he will travel extensively and will enjoy each trip
immensely. Getting a college education will be very important in
his destiny, and he may get a doctorate degree or other
outstanding diploma or certification in his profession.

Jupiter Conjunction Pluto:

     Prince will have the capacity to live his life to the
fullest. He will work desperately to achieve his ideals and
goals, and may succeed in leadership positions during his life.
His behavior and emotional expression will be intense and
sometimes a bit exaggerated. Prince may make enemies due to his
frankness and strong assertiveness. He must learn how to
moderate his attitude and to direct his dynamic strength in a
creative and positive way.

                        *** Chapter 3 ***
      Paternal figure: authority, power, capacity to assume
         responsibilities and to defend oneself in life.

Sun in 7th house:

     Prince will learn to share and will love to be with people.
His great sociability will make him popular and well loved,
though he can show a tendency to argue about almost everything.
He must learn to be more independent and to overcome his
indecision. Most likely during his childhood (and also in
adolescence), Prince will be very dependent on his father, whom
Prince will admire and will always want to please. In the
future, this image will be replaced by a friend, a lover or the
boss at the job, on whom Prince will be very dependent. He will
find meaning in life as long as he has someone with which to
share it. This astrological influence favors success in

Sun Conjunction Moon:

     Prince was born beneath the light of the New Moon, which
will cause him to act with spontaneity and energy. Prince will
make a good impression on people and will not soon be forgotten.
He will act with authority and sensitivity, sometimes guided by
impulse and intuition rather than by reason. He will want to
play a role in developing new projects that will be very
important for the future. One of his parents will probably play
a double role, being a mother as well as father or vice versa.

Sun Opposition Neptune:

     Prince can undervalue his own abilities and aptitudes, and
as a consequence, he will not believe in his own success. He
will be very sensitive to what is going on around him, to the
conflict, to criticism, and everything that affects his
emotional world. Prince will absorb the tensions around him and
sometimes will suffer if his parents, brothers, sisters, or
friends are suffering. He will be a very idealistic daydreamer;
he will need more realism and objectivity. Prince will be easily
deceived by people due to his idealization of others. His father
must not be too vulnerable or show inclinations to bad habits,
as Prince can learn from him an escapist attitude in dealing
with problems.

Sun Trine Jupiter:

     Prince will show great enthusiasm and joy in learning. His
positive and optimistic attitude will bring him many friends. He
will be unusually touched by good luck, and thus, troubles will
be overcome. Prince will have a tendency to be lazy, but he will
have a quiet, correct, and very noble attitude, as well as a
great sense of justice.

Sun Trine Pluto:

     Prince will have very intense and dedicated inner
motivations, which could put him in a leadership position. He
will be passionate about the things he likes, and possibly a
fanatic about his ideas. Prince will not be satisfied with the
status quo and will work hard to transform things into his
ideal. He will have great concentration, will power, and a good
capacity to throw off any illness or weakness. Prince will be
very interested in occult sciences and the mysteries of life,
and will develop excellent perceptive abilities.

Saturn in Libra:

     Prince will need a lot of time to make decisions and,
though he will seem to be dominated by indecision, finally he
will make the right choice. He will be very reserved and will
probably have some problems with his social life. Though Prince
will have few friends, they will be there forever. Prince will
have a great sense of justice and will be a good judge or
lawyer. He will always be very diplomatic and will express his
opinions in a proper way. This astrological position can delay
marriage or bring a serious person as a mate.

Saturn in 9th house:

     Prince will have a cautious and conservative view of life.
Everything he achieves in life will be due to his hard work and
preparation. His approach to problems in general will be
systematic and the goal will be a practical solution. Prince can
be a bit structured in his way of thinking; he can excel in
mathematics and sciences in general. With this astrological
position, he can be a good professor, scientist, or
metaphysician. Prince will love long trips as well as foreign
countries, though throughout his life he will have problems and
delays in traveling. He should try to avoid being dogmatic,
intolerant, or fanatical about his ideas. As time goes by, he
will become more open-minded and level-headed.

Mars in Libra:

     Prince will have a strong feeling for justice and will
fight against everything he considers unfair or inhumane. Prince
will be very comfortable working with other people; he will feel
that the results will be better working with a team, although
sometimes he could be jealous and competitive. It is very
important for him to learn not to be so dependent on other
people, or he will lose confidence in himself and will have
trouble making decisions in the future. Prince will be a
charming, generous, sociable, aand persuasive person. He will
enjoy people and new ideas. Negatively, Prince can show a
tendency to laziness; sometimes he will not make enough of an
effort to get what he wants. As he is so sweet and charismatic,
sometimes he will let others do things for him instead of doing
them himself. It is very important for Prince to have physical
exercise as an outlet for the energy flowing through his body;
this may help to combat or avoid the tendency to laziness. His
humor and sensitivity are stimulated with music and colors; soft
light and harmonious surroundings will balance his bad mood
quickly, and relieve depression.

Mars in 9th house

     Prince will be independent, enthusiastic, and very curious.
His restless mind will motivate him to further his education and
to achieve the goals he sets for himself. It is likely that
Prince will have conflicts with or completely reject his
religion, as he will rebel against its demands and will have his
own ideas about God. If this idea of God becomes very developed,
Prince has the potential to be a religious fanatic. His restless
mind will make him plan many trips around the world.

Mars Conjunction Saturn:

     Prince can have a conflict between his actions and his
inhibitions. Though Prince will have a good ability to organize,
it will not be easy for him to control the flow of his dynamic
energy. Prince must learn to act and to make his aspirations
reality, instead of thinking about them without ever making up
his mind to do something. Prince will look for approval before
doing anything, and if his inhibitions are strong enough, Prince
could become bitter in the future.

                        *** Chapter 4 ***
        Mentality: intelligence, studies and capacity for

Mercury in Gemini:

     Prince's mind will be active and restless.  He will always
be looking for change. His imagination and intellect must be
stimulated in order to fully develop his intelligence. His
versatile mind will make him interested in different things at
the same time; most likely he will be doing two or three things
simultaneously, but he will run the risk of not having good
results. Prince must learn discipline and perseverance. He can
excel in his studies without much effort, thanks to his quick
and logical mind. It is probable that Prince gets bored with
almost everything, so he will always be looking for new things.
His communication will be skillful and without inhibition. He
will have a great need to express his ideas and also to know
those of others; that is why he will be talkative and always
asking questions. Prince will show an ability to learn
languages, and will also have a good sense of humor. His sharp
mind will make him a master of mimicry. He will always find the
funny side of everything. Prince may also show an ability for
writing, which would make him suited for professions connected
with communication, journalism, traveling, photography,
languages, and sales.

Mercury in 5th house:

     Prince will love games which challenge his mind, such as
puzzles, riddles, chess, bridge, etc. His mind is creative and
it will be expressed dramatically. Prince will show great
ability as an orator and will enjoy reading. His great
creativity may find expression through literature and he could
become a professional writer. His education will be very
important. He will be attracted to any activity which stimulates
his mind.

Mercury Trine Mars:

     Prince will have a restless mind and will never stop
learning. He will be a practical, quick, perceptive, and
courageous person; he will detect the weaknesses of the others
quite easily. Prince will be very creative and could excel in
writing or any other manual activity. He will be very firm and
serious about his decisions without being aggressive. His mind
will never rest, so he must always stay active.

Aries on cusp of 3rd house:

     Prince's mind will be restless, active, and tireless. It is
probable that he will express his ideas in a rough and abrupt
way, without any thought, and will then have to deal with the
consequences of his impatience and impulsiveness. Prince will
not like spending a lot of time studying; he will get bored
quite easily and will need constant action. He will grasp new
ideas quickly, but will not be able to concentrate on the same
subject for a long time. Prince must alternate studying with
physical activity, without allowing the latter to displace his
duties as a student. He will be very spontaneous in expressing
himself; though he will have a good sense of humor, he could get
angry quite easily too. He will like to travel, investigate
things, and get to know different people and places.

                        *** Chapter 5 ***
    Destiny: vocation, profession, probability of success and
                       social recognition.

Scorpio MC

     Prince's destiny will compel him to explore the unknown and
to take many risks. He will excel in those fields where he will
have to dive - into the sea, into the human soul, or into the
sciences. He will have an intrepid and adventurous spirit which
will take his investigations to the bottom of the sea, into
space, into grottos, volcanoes, jungles, etc. And though
physically he may never be there, his mind will. Prince will be
very competitive in his profession, always ready to argue with
his boss and colleagues, and probably come out on top. Prince
will be attracted by the sea shore, lakes, and rivers; he will
probably make his home near water. He will be very particular in
his choice of profession and will not follow the advice or
wishes of his family. His most powerful professional weapon will
be his own intuition. Prince will have very accurate hunches
concerning what he has to do.

     His career choice could be one of the following
professions: doctor, surgeon, chemist, endocrinologist,
electronic or naval engineer, researcher, sailor, pilot,
psychiatrist, explorer, diver, geologist, etc., or any other
profession which could put him in touch with the unknown.

     It is probable that his family will be very solid, with one
or both parents having very rigid principles. Discipline could
be very strict - this will bother him and bring out his
rebelliousness. Prince will be very independent in his thinking
as well as in choosing his future profession. Scorpio
individuals will have a strong influence on his destiny.

                        *** Chapter 6 ***
   Health: probable physical problems and recommendations for
                       diet and nutrition.

Sun in Cancer:

     Cancer rules the stomach, the diaphragm, the thorax, the
pancreas, and the gall bladder. Prince will have to control his
diet, especially the quantity, as he will enjoy eating
everything and in large amounts. He will be inclined to suffer
health problems with psychosomatic origins. Sometimes doctors
will be confused by Prince's symptoms; this is when his
emotional condition should be taken into consideration. His
fears, anxieties, insecurities, repressions, and any problems at
home will be the main causes of his illnesses, most commonly
digestive problems, ulcers, gastritis, etc.

     In order to be healthy, Prince will have to consider the
following advice: he will have to have a varied diet, avoiding
fried or very oily foods; he will have to avoid eating in
excess; he will have to avoid arguments and tensions while
eating; he will have to calm his inner anxiety through
communication; he will have to practice aerobics, swimming,
bicycling, or any other rhythmic activity; he will have to sweat
or take steam baths (sauna) in order to clean his pores and
eliminate toxins; he will have to listen to soft and relaxing
music while eating; he will have to eat green and leafy
vegetables with plenty of enzymes which will aid his digestion;
he will have to avoid liquids during meals; he will have to
practice breathing and relaxation exercises; he will have to be
in touch with nature, especially with water.

Saturn in Libra:

     This astrological position could bring a poor condition of
filtration to remove the urea from the blood, renal, or urinary
retention, obstruction in the kidneys because of the presence of
calcium stones, suppression of the urine, or blood disease
caused by renal malfunction.

Gemini in the cusp of 6th house:

     The short term problems related to Prince's health could
originate from instability or absence of B Vitamins, which could
provoke breathing problems affecting the lungs, the trachea, the
bronchus, or causing nervous exhaustion and its consequences.

     The best advice, as far as food is concerned, is to eat all
the elements which are rich in the B Vitamins: all the legumes,
whole grains, seeds and walnuts, wheat germ, corn or rice
flakes, avocado, banana, peanuts, yogurt, cream cheese, non-fat
milk, eggs, natural fruit and vegetable juices, bee pollen, etc.

     The long term problems related to Prince's health could
originate from the exaggerated consumption of fat and the lack
of Vitamins B-6 and K, as well as the lack of cholin, inositol,
lecithin, biotin, and selenium. This could bring problems to the
liver, sciatica, lumbago, illness in the hips, and accidents
with the thighs.

     The natural sources of Vitamin B-6 are: soybeans, lentils,
peas, bananas, walnuts, white beans, avocado, sunflower seeds,
wheat germ, fish and poultry, etc. The Vitamin K is in alfalfa,
spinach, soy, tomatoes, cauliflower, carrots, potatoes, etc. In
order to get minerals, Prince could try whole grains, cereals,
and wheat germ.

Neptune in 12th house:

     Prince could have health problems that are difficult to
diagnose, which could lead to inadequate treatments or incorrect
medications, causing a toxic condition. He should avoid all
strong medication and turn to natural cures in order to prevent
any kind of poisoning. Also, he will have to avoid alcohol,
nicotine and tranquilizers. Generally, Prince's problems will
originate in his emotional world, appearing during times of
emotional or family crisis.

                        *** Chapter 7 ***
      Generational influence: ideas and feelings common to
                     your child's age group.

Uranus in Sagittarius:

     Prince belongs to a generation of people who will try to
uncover the secrets of the Universe through investigation and
hard work. They will be interested in space voyages and every
kind of scientific discovery. Also, they will be very optimistic
and youthful. The free expression of their ideas will be very
important; Prince, together with his peers, will develop new
philosophical and religious ideas which will rule the future.
Prince will like to travel and meet people of foreign countries,
extending his horizons and knowledge. Most likely he will also
be a bit skeptical, daring, and rebellious.

Uranus in 11th house:

     Prince will be surrounded by unusual and non-conformist
friends who will show the same rebellious attitude as his. He
will make friends easily, though most of his relationships will
not be deep or lasting. Prince will be interested in group
activities as well as everything which is connected with
humanity. He will love to be with people and will also love to
be admired. His non-prejudiced attitude will allow him to
communicate and relate to others without inhibition. This
freedom will be characteristic of all his relationships. His
worst enemy will be inconstancy.

Neptune in Sagittarius:

     Prince's generation will seek to discover new religious and
philosophical values. They will inquire deeply into the
different meanings of life. It is also probable that during this
period many laws and educational programs will be changed. As a
part of this generation, Prince will be very interested in being
a member of reform groups; he will be inclined towards new
ideas, will search for a universal religion, and will get to
know different cultures. It is also probable that he could meet
false prophets, but his strong intuition will tell him who is

Neptune in 12th house:

     Prince could tend to be lonely. Because he is highly
sensitive, he could get hurt quite easily and may prefer to
escape from problems rather than face them. It is probable that
he will work with people confined to hospitals, prisons,
asylums, etc. Prince will have great intuition and will be
interested in the subconscious and other mysteries of life. It
will be very important for him to avoid escapist attitudes, as
these could lead to destructive behaviors in the future.

Neptune Sextile Pluto:

     Prince will have great creative and artistic ability. Also,
he will fight against injustice and will try to reform the
legislative system. His intuition will be powerful and will
compel him to study and uncover the secrets of nature. Most
likely, his ideas about freedom or the way he will use his
mystic knowledge will not be totally understood; however, his
interest in this matter will not vanish.

Pluto in Libra:

     Prince's generation will be concerned about the development
of human relationships and their communications. They will not
be very selfish and will understand the importance of listening
to others, always seeking balance and harmony between different
points of view. They will be interested in psychology and
sociology, and will propose new styles of association, in
business as well as in personal relationships, trying to find
better understanding and happiness. Their policies will lead to
peace treaties between different countries, making possible the
avoidance of the arms race or political power struggles. As a
part of this group, Prince will show a great love of beauty and
harmony; he will have a strong sense of justice and
well-developed social instincts.

Pluto in 9th house:

     Prince will have a great desire to learn and to understand
things at a very deep level. He will like deciphering the
unknown and the mysterious and will get bored with superficial
things. Prince will be very restless, anxious, and a real
adventurer; he will be attracted by faraway and unknown places
(he could even be an astronaut). Once he makes a decision or
comes to a conclusion, his position will remain solid and
steady. Due to his inflexible thinking, Prince could have
problems with the law, with authority, with relatives, and while
traveling abroad. It is also probable that he could change his
faith, if it proves unsatisfying.

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