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                          Comparison of

                            Yoko Ono


                           John Lennon

                      Birth Data for Yoko:

                            Yoko Ono
                        February 18, 1933
                             8:30 PM
                          Tokyo, Japan

                      Birth Data for John:

                           John Lennon
                         October 9, 1940
                             6:30 PM
                       Manchester, England

     This Friends Report is divided into 4 chapters.
     Chapter 1 describes your temperaments and personalities.
The issues described in Chapter 1 become particularly powerful
if you have a close or long-lasting relationship. Idiosyncrasies
or quirks in another person's personality do not bother us as
much if our relationship is a casual one. For example, if one
person is neat and tidy and the other is sloppy, this is more
likely to become a concern if you depend on each other in a
business partnership than if you are casual acquaintances.
     Pay close attention to the issues described in Chapter 2
because these are the most important themes in your
relationship. For example, if themes of open communication and
friendliness are emphasized, then you can count on this
relationship growing into a close, long-lasting friendship.
However, if friendliness and harmony between you are hardly
mentioned at all, your relationship will be a more formal, less
personal one and you probably won't think of one another as
close friends. Note also that the material in Chapter 2 is
presented roughly in order of importance, so that the material
presented at the beginning of Chapter 2 is the most powerful.
     Chapter 4 describes issues in your relationship of less
importance than those presented in Chapter 2. Chapter 3
describes situations and circumstances that arise over time if
your relationship is a long-lasting one.
     If a statement appears to contradict another statement,
then your roles are likely to alternate. For example, a
statement that Yoko is more aggressive than John, and another
statement stating that John is more aggressive than Yoko, means
that you alternate roles, with Yoko sometimes being the leader
and John being the follower, and sometimes just the opposite.
Also, read the statements carefully, as it is likely that a
careful reading will reveal different kinds of aggressiveness or
areas in which the aggressiveness is likely to express itself.
     To make the most of this report, combine this astrological
analysis with other things that you know about each other. For
example, if your relationship is strictly business-related and
close, personal friendship is unimportant to both of you, then
it will not concern you if there is little warmth in the
relationship. However, a lack if warmth and sympathy, or a
tendency to be critical and judgmental of one another, is a more
serious problem in a parent-child relationship. You may also
want to order a Natal Report for each of you. The Natal Report
describes your individual traits. The material in Chapters 2, 3
and 4 of this report describes the dynamics of your
relationship, but does not describe your individual natures.

    Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of
the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of
students of astrology, these positions, along with other
technical information, are listed below:

Positions and Data for Yoko:
Sun       position is 29 deg. 23 min. of Aquarius   
Moon      position is 11 deg. 08 min. of Sagittarius
Mercury   position is  7 deg. 53 min. of Pisces     
Venus     position is 13 deg. 47 min. of Aquarius   
Mars      position is 15 deg. 07 min. of Virgo      
Jupiter   position is 20 deg. 42 min. of Virgo      
Saturn    position is  9 deg. 44 min. of Aquarius   
Uranus    position is 20 deg. 33 min. of Aries      
Neptune   position is  9 deg. 05 min. of Virgo      
Pluto     position is 21 deg. 38 min. of Cancer     
Asc.      position is  8 deg. 30 min. of Libra      
MC        position is  9 deg. 25 min. of Cancer     
2nd cusp  position is  5 deg. 56 min. of Scorpio    
3rd cusp  position is  6 deg. 38 min. of Sagittarius
5th cusp  position is 12 deg. 03 min. of Aquarius   
6th cusp  position is 12 deg. 13 min. of Pisces     

Tropical Zodiac   Standard time observed.
GMT: 11:30:00     Time Zone: -9 hours East.
Lat. and Long. of birth: 35 N 42      139 E 46   
House System: PLACIDUS

Positions and Data for John:
Sun       position is 16 deg. 16 min. of Libra      
Moon      position is  3 deg. 33 min. of Aquarius   
Mercury   position is  8 deg. 33 min. of Scorpio    
Venus     position is  3 deg. 13 min. of Virgo      
Mars      position is  2 deg. 40 min. of Libra      
Jupiter   position is 13 deg. 42 min. of Taurus     
Saturn    position is 13 deg. 13 min. of Taurus     
Uranus    position is 25 deg. 33 min. of Taurus     
Neptune   position is 26 deg. 02 min. of Virgo      
Pluto     position is  4 deg. 11 min. of Leo        
Asc.      position is 21 deg. 37 min. of Aries      
MC        position is  7 deg. 44 min. of Capricorn  
2nd cusp  position is  0 deg. 33 min. of Gemini     
3rd cusp  position is 20 deg. 59 min. of Gemini     
5th cusp  position is 26 deg. 03 min. of Cancer     
6th cusp  position is 23 deg. 11 min. of Leo        

Tropical Zodiac   War Time observed.
GMT: 17:30:00     Time Zone: 0 hours West.
Lat. and Long. of birth: 53 N 30      2 W 15   
House System: PLACIDUS
                            Chapter 1
          A Comparison of Temperaments and Life Styles
      that Affect Your Ability to Harmonize with Each Other

Yoko's Sun in Aquarius and John's Sun in Libra:

     The two of you make very agreeable friends. You both value
equality and fairness, and you try to live up to these ideals in
your personal relationships. Both of you are also uncomfortable
with neediness, dependency, and emotionalism in yourselves or in
other people, and you tend to keep your relationships on a
fairly light, intellectual, companionable level (especially
Yoko). Yoko is a bit more detached and independent than John.
Sharing ideas and common interests is important to both of you
in any friendship.

Yoko's Moon in Sagittarius and John's Moon in Aquarius:

     You harmonize because your emotional needs and inner
attitudes towards life are quite similar. Both of you are
independent and you have a strong desire to experiment and
experience the unknown or novel. Progressive and
forward-looking, you both adjust easily to change, and in fact,
seek it out, for you get restless in staid or relatively
unchallenging circumstances.
     Neither of you is especially domestic. Involvement in the
world at large, or at least in a wide social circle, is
important to you. Personal freedom and respect for your
individual rights is essential to your happiness, and you can
not tolerate being tied down.
     Contemporary or unconventional styles and ideas appeal to
both of you, and you have little use for "tradition for
tradition's sake".
     Both of you are idealistic, and John especially tends to be
logical and identified with a particular belief system or
philosophy. At times you both are (or probably have been) rather
dogmatic. There is much camaraderie between you, but if your
philosophies differ radically you are unlikely to be such good

Moon & Venus hard for John, soft or conj for Yoko:

     Both of you are very family-oriented, and devoted to your
cherished friends also. Yoko is generally well-loved, and enjoys
an excellent rapport with women and children especially. John
wants and needs closeness too, but sometimes does things which
interfere with getting that closeness and nurturing, and
sometimes overdoes it - being too solicitous and sweet or
indulging in self-pity when others do not provide the desired
tenderness and care, for instance.
     Doing nurturing activities, such as giving one another
massages, sharing meals, and providing emotional support should
be a focus in your relationship.

Moon & Mars hard or conj for Yoko, soft for John:

     Both of you can get quite rowdy and rambunctious at times.
You are both probably used to quite a bit of conflict and
high-energy confrontation in your lives due to your early
childhood experiences (especially relationships with siblings
and/or parents).
     Both of you tend to be fighters or doers, and won't sit by
passively when trouble arises. However, Yoko is more apt to be
hot-tempered and easily provoked, combative and even belligerent
at times. John understands Yoko's irascibility, but is not as
quarrelsome or defensive. John can enjoy a good fight or
contest, without letting the emotions run wild and burn the
whole house down -something Yoko is prone to do from time to

                            Chapter 2
   Major Themes in the Relationship: What Brought You Together

John's Asc. Conjunct Yoko's Uranus:

     There is an electric, immediate attraction between the two
of you and an element of surprise, discovery, and spontaneity
will always infuse your interactions.
      Yoko stimulates John to be more uninhibited, looser, less
conventional, and to experiment. Yoko can also be unpredictable
and changeable toward John, and John may feel that Yoko is not
to be relied upon. Yoko brings out John's independent or
eccentric side. Personal freedom, independence, and
individuality are highlighted in your relationship.  Expect the
unexpected when the two of you get together.

John's Sun Trine Yoko's Venus:

     Yours is a congenial and enjoyable relationship, for you
both appreciate and like one another. You also share a
similarity in tastes and enjoyment of leisure activities and

John's Asc. Square Yoko's Pluto:

     Yoko is a force for considerable benefit or harm in John's
life, either greatly enhancing John's personal power and
confidence, or seriously undermining it. Yoko forces John to
examine the hidden motives and intentions behind John's actions,
and may bring out some unsavory aspects of John's character or
past history.
     An intense confrontation of wills, often going on in a
subtle, behind-the-scenes way, characterizes your interaction at
times. It is very likely that there is much "unfinished
business" of an emotional or personal nature which draws the two
of you together.

John's Mercury Square Yoko's Saturn:

     Yoko is often critical and coldly analytical of John's
ideas, and John is likely to feel belittled by Yoko. If both of
you are able to offer criticisms and comments with a helpful,
positive attitude, then this astrological influence need not be
overwhelming, but the tendency to feel blocked and frustrated in
your communications is very strong. You must make sincere
efforts to listen receptively and sympathetically!

Yoko's Mercury Trine John's Mercury:

     You solve problems and think about issues with a similar
perspective and you are able to communicate clearly to each
other. You enjoy talking to each other, sharing ideas, and
learning from each other, and you are able to plan, design, and
develop ideas jointly in a very successful manner.

John's Mercury Sextile Yoko's Neptune:

     You have a strong intuitive and psychic rapport, and you
often sense what is on each other's minds well before any words
are spoken. You also enjoy discussing topics that have a strong
imaginative or mystical element, such as the arts, music,
philosophy, etc.

Yoko's Venus Square John's Jupiter:

     You enjoy laughing, playing, socializing, and going out
together to have a good time. You are expansive and generous
with one another, and are inclined to spend unwisely, overeat,
or otherwise overindulge when you're together. If you live
together or work closely with one another, disagreements
regarding finances, budgeting, or investments are likely to

Yoko's Venus Square John's Saturn:

     Feelings of estrangement, distance, coolness,  or lack of
appreciation and affection characterize your relationship from
time to time, and Yoko in particular feels inhibited or
criticized by John. You take your commitment, responsibility,
and obligations to one another seriously and you may depend
heavily on one another financially or emotionally, but you tend
to become too formal and rather joyless if you spend too much
time together.

Yoko's Mars Trine John's Jupiter:

     The two of you form an effective, dynamic team in any
venture or endeavor. You work together very well in
accomplishing daily tasks, and it is likely that you will also
successfully coordinate efforts on joint efforts as well. John
provides the vision, the social contacts, and ideas, while Yoko
provides energy, decisive will, and enthusiasm.

Yoko's Mars Trine John's Saturn:

     You can work together very effectively, focusing your
energy and attention on the tasks at hand.  Yoko feels that John
will stand behind Yoko's efforts and be a solid supporter, and
John's experience or practicality is often a help to Yoko.

                            Chapter 3
         Destiny and Final Outcome of Your Relationship

Composite Sun Square Mars:

     The two of you get fired up when you are together, and
inevitably there will be hostilities and disagreements if you do
not direct all of this energy into a common goal. Physical
activities, like sports or demanding physical work, are good
outlets for you as a team.
     Intense rivalry and competition are ongoing issues between
you, even if you are both fairly unaggressive, cooperative
people. Angry confrontations over minor matters may mask other
deeper power struggles in the relationship. You over-use force
and heroics when you are together. However, if you channel all
of this energy into a good cause, you could be a dynamic,
energetic, vital team.

Composite Moon Conjunct Mercury:

     Through your relationship with one another, and especially
your intimate conversations, both of you will understand your
past histories, your emotions, and your own inner lives much
more clearly. Being in one another's presence evokes in both of
you the desire to confide, to tell your stories, to speak about
your private selves. You are able to talk for hours. There is
often a sentimental or nostalgic tone to your discussions.
Visiting old childhood haunts together, studying your family
trees, looking at and discussing old photographs, describing
your dreams to each other, talking about your children or your
mate or parents - this type of sharing will be a major aspect of
your friendship. Even if you are not the sort of person who
discusses feelings or readily confides in others, you'll find
that with this particular person, you can and will. You make
good counselors for one another.
     At times you may feel that your discussions are too
subjective, or always become personal even when the initial
topic is broad and rather impersonal. For the two or you,
emotional attitudes and feelings will always color your
communication. This is an essential part of the purpose of your
relationship: examining feelings and the past in order to
understand them.

Composite Moon Trine Uranus:

     The two of you work together well in creative areas. You
are able to brainstorm together and improvise together. You work
well together in a crisis or any situation that requires
spontaneity or quick responsiveness.
     You find that you can express yourselves openly together
and that you feel less inhibited by tradition, regulations, and
social expectations. If you have a long-term relationship, you
are destined to discover new creative and inventive outlets, and
it is likely that you will collaborate in festive, inventive, or
creative activities.

Composite Mercury Trine Uranus:

     Experimenting with new ideas and innovative or
unconventional approaches, is part of your purpose together. As
a team, you could teach or in other ways disseminate ideas which
are advanced, state-of-the-art, highly original, or
     The intellectual atmosphere between you is lively and
inspiring and you are good for one another in this way.

Composite Venus Sextile Mars:

     It is likely that the two of you enjoy playing games or
sports together. There is a creative, fun-loving quality to your
friendship that inclines you to engage in artistic, musical, or
other creative endeavors. You enjoy competing against each other
and also being team mates in competition against another team.

Composite Jupiter Sextile Neptune:

     You inspire generosity, charity, and good will in one
another. You expect and see the best in each other, and in the
world, which infuses your relationship with hope and a belief in
a better tomorrow. It is very likely that at times you will help
each other, perhaps through lending money or things to each
other, and this aid will prove to be worthwhile and will very
likely be repaid.
     You enjoy each other's company, and relaxed activities like
games, sports, and vacations are activities that you will
especially enjoy together.
     Religious, humanitarian, or service-oriented work are
favored. You could also be successful joining together in a
business that features very imaginative or exotic products.

Composite Sun Square Saturn:

     The necessity to get down to business, to work hard, and to
be responsible adults is an essential aspect of your alliance.
When you are together a sense of heaviness, seriousness,
purpose, or obligation weighs in on you, so it is not always
pleasant to be around one another. One or both of you may become
overly critical, oppressive, and restrictive toward the other.
You may face or become involved in difficulties which require
patience, endurance, forbearance, and toughness. Part of the
purpose of this relationship is to develop these qualities
within you both. While unlikely to be an easy relationship, it
can be character-building and ultimately strengthening.

Composite Venus Trine Saturn:

     This relationship has excellent prospects for longevity and
permanent friendship. Commitment and building something valuable
together over time is a theme here. Both of you find that you
can depend on each other, especially when it is most important,
and you take an unselfish attitude towards each other, enjoying
serving and helping one another. In the long run, this
relationship will prove to be a stable, lasting relationship
based on trust and dependability.

Composite Mars Opposition Saturn:

     In addition to whatever success this relationship holds,
there will be considerable frustration as well. One or both of
you feels that you cannot do what you want, or that you are
constantly being checked, watched, and judged. Projects you
undertake together may seem like a great strain, a constant
battle, a grind, a struggle against overwhelming odds. A certain
grimness and pessimism can permeate your interactions. However,
all is not for naught, and the constant effort may eventually
lead to an important accomplishment.
     If you are expecting your friendship to be a casual, light
happy acquaintance, then you are mistaken. This relationship can
lead to success in a joint effort, but only after much hard work
and effort.
     Most importantly, refrain from being excessively critical
of each other or cynical towards one another. Even a little
joking can turn bitter quickly, and things said in jest between
you can have a biting edge that was not originally intended. If
you truly respect each other and give each other recognition for
achievements and contributions, much of the negative potential
described above can be avoided.

Composite Saturn Trine Pluto:

     Together you are capable of extreme dedication,
concentration, and self-denial for the sake of a mutual goal.
There is an obsessive, unrelenting quality to this. Certainly
when the two of you combine forces to accomplish something, you
are a formidable team capable of enduring and going the
distance. You won't collapse under pressure or shirk the
necessary hardships.
     However, you can be excessively one-sided, or may
needlessly deny yourselves certain pleasures which you may
consider distractions or a frivolous waste of energy. There may
be a subtle tyranny going on, either towards yourselves, or one
another. Unless you supply some gentleness and adaptability,
what you achieve together in concrete terms may come at too dear
a cost.

                            Chapter 4
                Other Themes in Your Relationship

Yoko's Sun in John's 12th house:

     Even if you have been friends for many years, Yoko will
continue to be intriguing and somewhat mysterious to John. You
have a knack for uncovering each other's hidden or repressed
traits, and there is an uncanny, perhaps even mystical quality
to your relationship.

John's Sun in Yoko's 1st house:

     John embodies many of the qualities and attributes to which
Yoko aspires, and consequently John is a very interesting and
attractive person to Yoko. John may be a strong influence or
model for Yoko.

Yoko's Moon in John's 8th house:

     As your relationship develops, a powerfully emotional
bonding develops. Your feelings for each other can be rather
complex. Jealousy is possible and if things go wrong, you can
hate each other with the same intensity that you once cared for
each other.

John's Moon in Yoko's 4th house:

     You feel very natural and comfortable with each other, and
you are likely to feel closer to each other than to your own
family. You are able to share your inner concerns and feelings
with each other.

Yoko's Mercury in John's 12th house:

     Yoko's conversation, interests, and way of looking at
things perplexes John sometimes. Nonverbal communication may be
more effective than trying to reason with one another.

John's Mercury in Yoko's 2nd house:

     You enjoy planning financial strategies together, and John
provides Yoko with lots of ideas on business ventures,
investments, and practical application of job-related skills.

Yoko's Venus in John's 11th house,
John's Venus in Yoko's 11th house:

     You enjoy going out together and you will develop a love
for the same friends, groups, and social activities. You will
meet lots of new people and share many new experiences

Yoko's Mars in John's 6th house:

     Yoko enjoys performing chores for John, and also takes an
interest in John's work and health. Yoko enjoys assisting John
in practical ways and the two of you are able to buckle down
together and accomplish a great deal.
John's Mars in Yoko's 12th house:

    John pressures Yoko to reveal inner, hidden traits and
interests. You may irritate one another intensely at times,
without knowing why.

Yoko's Jupiter in John's 6th house:

     Yoko loves to be of practical service and help to John.
While Yoko may be reluctant to help out others, he/she is a
ready and willing help John. Yoko takes a great interest in
John's health and overall well-being and may also help take care
of day-to-day chores.

John's Jupiter in Yoko's 8th house:

     There is a strong inclination to merge resources, talents,
and energies. Joint business ventures or other endeavors in
which you pool your resources or make investments together will
profit both of you.

Yoko's Saturn in John's 11th house:

      Yoko is likely to question and criticize John for his/her
membership or involvement (or the lack of it) in various clubs,
groups, or organizations. Also, you may join some organizations
together and share a mutual enthusiasm and both go through a
period of disillusionment and sobering when the organization
does not live up to expectations. Fortunately, these experiences
are not likely to be extremely disconcerting to either of you,
and both of you will feel that you mature a great deal through
the experiences.

John's Saturn in Yoko's 8th house:

     The two of you should not pool your assets or enter into
financial transactions together, as this is likely to strain
your friendship considerably. Yoko in particular may feel
unhappy or dissatisfied with this arrangement.

Yoko's Uranus in John's 12th house:

     Yoko, directly or indirectly, makes John reconsider many of
his/her basic assumptions about life. A fresh perspective on
issues of religious faith and ethics is discovered, and John may
be able to break free from the limitations of current attitudes
and beliefs that work primarily in a subconscious manner to make
John harbor secret feelings of guilt or inadequacy. Much of this
change is likely to occur simply via the very different
perspectives and attitudes that Yoko has on certain issues, that
encourage John to take a fresh look at these issues of a very
inner nature.

John's Uranus in Yoko's 8th house:

     The way you jointly handle finances and investments is
likely to take some unusual turns and the two of you may, for
example, invest in some risky ventures. Any joint investments or
pooling of your assets will bring surprises and possibly upsets,
especially to Yoko.
Yoko's Neptune in John's 6th house:

     John is often disappointed in the way that Yoko handles
problems and performs various chores and tasks. John is likely
to feel that Yoko is careless or sloppy. This is not likely to
create any serious problems, unless you work together.

John's Neptune in Yoko's 12th house:

     The two of you are likely to share a lot of secrets
together. There is a great deal of fantasy and imagination that
you share, and both of you may feel that it is inappropriate to
bring this side of yourselves into the public. There is a strong
spiritual or psychic bond that draws you together. You may share
some very unusual, almost mystical, experiences together.

Yoko's Pluto in John's 4th house:

     A lot of powerful emotions come to the surface in this
relationship. Differences in your family backgrounds, ethnic or
religious heritage can become a source of friction. Subtle
biases toward each other or misunderstandings between you can
smolder for a long time, and then erupt as hurt feelings and
anger. You need to be honest and open with each other because
otherwise a complex knot of feelings can develop between you,
developing into a love-hate relationship.

John's Pluto in Yoko's 10th house:

     If this is a long-term relationship, John will have a
critical effect on Yoko's career and ambitions. Circumstances
arise that enable John to play a key role in helping steer
Yoko's career along new lines and to levels of greater stature
and influence. John can help Yoko gain a whole new outlook on
career opportunities and the best way to utilize his/her own
talents, but this process is a complex and tricky one, and the
final outcome could be very successful or a failure, depending
on how both of you handle the situation.

Yoko's Sun Opposition John's Venus:

     You really enjoy each other's company and have a good time
together. You share positive attitudes and feelings openly and
you help each other see the brighter, more beautiful side of

John's Sun Opposition Yoko's Uranus:

     If the two of you depend on each other to perform tasks and
meet responsibilities (such as in a business relationship), you
will find that it is often difficult to coordinate your
schedules or focus on practical details. You do work together
well on creative and innovative projects, however, when you do
get together. You are likely to pop in and out of each other's
lives at unexpected times.

Yoko's Sun Square John's Uranus:

     When the two of you get together, you make a lot of noise,
and there is lots of excitement. There is a strong element of
unpredictability and spontaneity as well and you enjoy
improvising new ideas and playing together. Because there is a
loose, spontaneous quality to your relationship, you find that
very often you can not depend on each other and it is difficult
for the two of you to focus on mundane, tedious, or onerous
tasks together. This is a good relationship for exploring new
possibilities and interests and for spurring each other to
become more spontaneous, independent, and creative, but a
difficult relationship if dependability and commitment to each
other is a high priority.

Yoko's Asc. Trine John's Moon:

     There is a strong feeling of family and kinship between
you. You have a natural affinity for each other and feel very at
ease and comfortable with each other, so consequently your
friendship is likely to be very long-lasting.

Yoko's Mercury Opposition John's Venus:

     You enjoy discussing the arts, literature, and people. Your
conversations are stimulating, although it is not unusual that
you reach opposite conclusions. You may find that one of you
(typically John) emphasizes the emotional side of a situation,
issue, or problem and the other (typically Yoko) is more
concerned with the strictly technical or intellectual side.

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